Farm Shed Cleanup

Farm Shed

Hire a Skip Bin When You are Having a Cleanup of your Farm Sheds

Farm sheds are important structures in the farming industry. They can serve as storage spaces for farm equipment, feeding and hay, and house various livestock and other business machinery. These farm sheds come in different sizes. They can be open or close bays. They may also contain wall dividers to be more efficient in its storing purposes.

Hire a Skip Bin

As one of the efficient practices suggested by Australian Sheep Online, there is a need to have such sheep sheds if you are after optimum protection and production efficiency. Sheep sheds can be used:

  • For general purpose of housing sheep,

  • For breeding and maternity,

  • For raising the young,

  • As shearing and storeroom,

  • When caring for the sick and disabled sheep and;

  • As caretaker’s area for close monitoring.


However, these numerous sheds require cleaning and maintenance. Farm shed cleanup will maintain its durability and achieve the maximum protection, quality, and productivity of the sheep to generate more profit. Cleaning the sheds regularly will also prevent communicable diseases that may lead to multiple deaths of your sheep. So, it is necessary to include a schedule for the cleanup of sheds in your farming activities.

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What does the cleanup process include?

The cleanup process involves:

  • dry cleaning of the floors, walls, and ceiling through sweeping and dusting
  • removal of litter and brushing off accumulated dirt
  • washing of greatly soiled areas with warm water and mild detergent or alkali
  • removal of hardened water in steel fences, managers, or gates through acidic solution
  • rinsing off soap suds and any residue and mopping up puddles
  • air-drying or utilising blowers to dry the shed
  • disinfection through aerosol, spraying of chemicals or fumigation

Once you are done removing all the dirt and litter in you farm shed, you have to be aware of how to handle the wastes generated from the cleanup process. The hays feeds, animal manure and other organic wastes can be placed in a compost pit in one of the areas of your farm. However, if not made and handled properly, compost pits may be a breeding nest for disease-causing organisms. They are not only harmful to your sheep but also to you, your staff, and to your family.

Find affordable skip bins for hire in Newcastle and Hunter Valley

Find affordable skip bins for hire in Newcastle and Hunter Valley

In order to prevent the accumulation of pests and insects, why not try an innovative waste management system and hire skip bins? Skip The Tip has a variety of skip bin sizes to address your different farming needs so you don’t have to worry about the pile of wastes you have at your farm.

They also offer a good collection service and recycling system and follows an effective “green” waste disposal method. So aside from preventing the accumulation of disease-causing organisms in your farm, by hiring skip bins from Skip The Tip, you’ll have the guarantee that your wastes will be discarded in an environmentally friendly way and that any illegal garbage dumping will be avoided.

Moreover, skip bins help your business be more productive and profitable. With these skips, you don’t have to do all the work to dispose your accumulated wastes from the cleaning up of your sheep sheds. As a result, you’ll have more time to attend to other business needs since the skip bin company will do the job for you.

You will also enjoy Skip The Tip’s prompt delivery and pick up of skip bins which can be scheduled regularly to cater your farm needs better. A convenient 24/7 online booking system is available so you can have the skip bin of your choice delivered right when you need it.

This innovative way of disposing of your farm waste will definitely make your cleanup process easier. It will make your sheep sheds, shearing and storage areas, and your farm clutter free which will be beneficial to your employees working in the productive environment and to your business as a whole. Achieve a responsible waste management method. Hire a skip bin when you are having a cleanup of your farm sheds.